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Lonking Sparkled on Bauma China
Date:Dec 10 2014 | Attention:

Lonking has successfully exhibited at Bauma China 2014", which was held at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center from 25th ~ 28th November.

The products Lonking presented this time are made of "new materials, new technology, new appearance". Its “Quality, Service and Price" has been already renowned in domestic and foreign market , which makes the company occupying an increasing market share. Now Lonking has been upgraded on material, technology and ergonomics recently and the main four ranges of products have sparkled on the exhibition.

Wheel loader: four exhibited wheel loader adopts new environmental friendly material, powerful and energy-saving engine, and sheet-metal punching technology, so that noise is lowered, vibration is absorbed, efficiency is improved. They had gained wide attention from overseas customers, people looked, touched and tried to drive them.

Excavator: Lonking has unveiled a Tier 4 final 36T crawler excavator this time, which should be the first Tier 4 excavator of 36T among Chinese manufacturers, and got order from European customers on site. Other tonnages of excavators have also gained high opinion from distributors.

Forklift: with good quality and competitive price, Lonking forklift has already been top 14 globally, but they are still been optimized continuously. All electric forklift adopts AC motor, all diesel forklifts are more comfortable and efficient for operator and friendly to environment. Pallet and reach stacker have also been introduced this time, totally 10 units of forklifts were exhibited on a separate booth with crowed visitors .

Road Roller: a tandem compactor of 3T was introduced for the first time, and single drum 12T roller of double frequency and amplitude hydraulic vibration was also favored by many visitors because of high configuration, strong power, low noise and fuel consumption and humanized design.

At the same time, new products such as backhoe loader, bulldozer, motor grader, as well as skid steer loader have also won popularity from visitors.

Besides, Lonking has also held a Thanks-Giving Banquet on the Thanks-Giving Day, all overseas distributors and key customers from more than 40 countries gathered together and enjoyed a good time.

From all points of view, no matter on booth design, equipment layout, or visitors feedback and business opportunities gained through this fair, Bauma China 2014 for Lonking is absolutely a Great Success!


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